Industrial Data Science (BSc.)

Data is the new gold

Digitalization has become an integral part of our everyday lives and has had a tremendous impact on production processes within businesses and industry. With the fusion of production and information technologies, the availability of sensors, computing power and networks have facilitated the realization of ideas, products and business models that had been inconceivable just a few years ago.

In future, the competitiveness of businesses will strongly depend on their ability to generate social and operational benefits. In order to implement data science in engineering and the manufacturing industry, it is essential to apply data scientific methods and understand the underlying technical processes.

Which skills and interests do I need?

Data science is a diverse field in which hard and soft skills alike are essential. As a prospective data scientist, you are passionate about the possibilities of information technology, the future of artificial intelligence, or you enjoy coordinating the different units of a business or an organization as the communication interface.

The programme at Montanuniversität Leoben is distinguished by its engineering focus, therefore prospective students should have a strong interest in technical processes and challenges. Data scientists look at production processes in a holistic way, and try to control and improve these processes by collecting, processing and analyzing data as part of a team.

What can I expect during my studies?

Besides studying the fundamentals in science and engineering within the bachelors programme, you acquire comprehensive problem solving skills to take on a wide variety of challenges in the field of data science. You will learn about sensor technology, networks, cloud services, machine learning, simulation and automatization, as well as the necessary operational and economic aspects.

An in-depth introduction in technical processes will provide you with new ways and perspectives on how to use and advance data science in within industry. As part of a group project, you and your fellow students will get to use your knowledge and training from data acquisition and data analysis to software development and the industrial application.

What can I expect after my studies?

There is a high and ever-growing industry demand for data scientists, and in particular, those that have a solid training in engineering. Leoben alumni benefit from a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education which opens up a wide variety of career paths that can be tailored to one’s personal goals and aspirations, for instance:

  • „„development of data-mining and machine-learning projects (in particular for science and engineering)
  • „„data and model-driven analysis and advancement of technical processes
  • development of new business models through digitalization „„
  • Supporting decision makers by processing, analyzing and visualizing big data
  • big data consulting and other services