Mechanical Engineering (BSc)

The supreme discipline for engineers

Creativity and innovation are the drivers for mechanical engineering. Deep-sea robots that extract ore from a depth of 2000 metres? Components with a design that saves emissions? A fish used as the template for an aerodynamic car? There are no limits to your ideas. From planning and construction to selecting the right materials to production itself – you are the one in charge when it comes to development and implementation as an end product. 

Where does mining come in?

Mining mechanical engineers are under great pressure, in the most literal sense of the word. For example, the load pressing down on a hauler (image) in a mine that is transporting around 75 tons of stone is far greater than the load on a normal car. Alongside the principles of general mechanical engineering, this course at Montanuniversität therefore offers specialist knowledge for materials technology and production.

What skills and interests do I need?

Mechanical engineering is a classic engineering discipline. A passion for technology and the natural sciences, abstract thinking, creativity and the ability to formulate and implement ideas all form the ideal basis for successful studies at the "best" university in Austria ("Format" magazine survey 2014).

What can I expect during my studies?

The course provides comprehensive technical training so that students can follow a product or component from the initial idea right up to use in practice. The focus in the first four semesters of the Bachelors programme is on natural and engineering sciences. In the fifth to seventh semesters, students then build up a solid specialist education in the most important mechanical engineering disciplines.

The required Bachelors thesis is generally set up to be as interdisciplinary as possible, in order to promote creativity and students' ability to work as part of a team and think in a joined-up way.

The Master programme offers unique opportunities to build on basic skills in materials, manufacturing technology and industrial automation. From the extraction of raw materials and their preparation and use as high-tech materials to recycling – mining mechanical engineers work with other research areas at Montanuniversität to find mechanical engineering solutions for the most varied of tasks.

What can I expect after my studies?

Make your ideas a reality as a product engineer, plant engineer, process developer, planning engineer/constructor or site manager in technical management, sales, quality management or research. The field is wide open for mechanical engineering graduates, with fantastic career opportunities and high entry-level salaries.

Right from the beginning of my studies, I felt comfortable and welcome