Industrial Energy Technology (BSc)

We need more and more energy

Already turned on a light, opened the fridge or turned the ignition key today? You do these things without any thought usually, but have you ever wondered where this energy comes from?
It is not just our homes which are energy-dependent – industry accounts for a large proportion of the fossil fuel and renewable energy that is consumed in the world. Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective provision, transport and use of energy – in the form of electrical, mechanical and thermal energy – is key to all industrial processes.

As the need for energy is rapidly increasing worldwide, there is an urgent need to provide interested and responsible young people with a programme of study aimed specifically at energy technology in order to identify potential savings and increase the utilisation of these. Innovative technologies will need to be developed to enable us to use our planet‘s resources in a sustainable and effective way and secure our energy supply for the future.

What skills and interests do I need?

With energy needs increasing and raw materials dwindling, as an energy technician the challenges you face are complex. Your job is to create energy supply solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. As the programme of study is very much interdisciplinary, you should be interested in a wide range of areas.
If you find it easy to find strategic approaches to solving problems and enjoy working in a team to manage tasks, this programme of study will open up great new opportunities for you in the future.

What can I expect during my studies?

On the Bachelors programme of study, you will acquire a technical knowledge base and explore issues in the fields of energy and process technology, exhaust gas treatment and environmental analysis, such as: How do you plan a power plant? Is it possible to simulate a combustion process? Does residual plant waste from agriculture provide enough energy as an alternative fuel? How do I develop a regional energy concept for the use of renewable energies? Business administration forms a major part of this programme of study, and you will acquire energy management, energy market and energy law expertise.

What can I expect after my studies?

There is high demand for energy technology engineers with extensive knowledge in industry all over the world. The studies will prepare you for jobs with a technical focus in the fields of research, product development, production, planning, sales, commissioning and systems operation and maintenance.
Typical fields of activity include

  • general energy supply demands of industry – with a special focus on sustainability and environmental considerations
  • development of renewable and alternative energy sources
  • high-efficiency energy conversion and energy use
  • development and utilisation of innovative energy technologies
  • energy networks
  • economic and ecological assessment of energy efficiency
  • energy management.