International Study Program in Petroleum Engineering (BSc)

The promising future of an ancient raw material

Petroleum is the major energy source for our modern society and ensures prosperity and economic growth across the globe. In order to continue to meet the rising demand for petroleum and natural gas in the future, efforts are being made worldwide to find, exploit and, above all, make efficient and environmentally friendly use of new reservoirs. The petroleum engineers of Montanuniversität Leoben are ideally prepared for these tasks, and develop technologies that help ensure the welfare of our environment and society.

What skills and interests do I need?

Future petroleum engineers should not only enjoy and be interested in technology and the natural sciences, but should also be passionate about languages and foreign cultures. Depending on your chosen major, you may need to be able to handle stress well and take on responsibility, work well within a team or offer excellent spatial and logical thought processes and management skills.

What can I expect during my studies?

The Bachelors program looks at all relevant areas relating to petroleum and natural gas technology: Prospecting for petroleum and natural gas (geosciences), exploring and simulating reservoirs (reservoir engineering), extraction with drills (drilling engineering) and the preparation and storage of fossil fuels (production engineering).

The Masters programme "International Study Program in Petroleum Engineering" gives students the opportunity to specialise in one of these core technical areas. The Masters programme "Industrial Management and Business Administration" provides students with in-depth knowledge of the industrial and business management sectors.

Thanks to its excellent standard of teaching and close cooperation with the petroleum industry, Leoben has developed into an internationally recognised centre of education for petroleum engineers. With English as the main teaching language (from the 5th semester onwards) and a wide range of exchange programmes, Montanuniversität's excellent reputation is spreading all over the world.

What can I expect after my studies?

A career in the petroleum industry can start in the (un)likeliest of places: on an oil rig in the Atlantic, in barren deserts or the depths of the jungle, in a major city with an international conglomerate or as an independent consultant in a small Austrian town. The broad range of subjects covered in your studies allow you to work in many areas of industry and technology.