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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

The ERASMUS+ program offers mobility opportunities not only for students, but also for academic and administrative staff. All staff members of Montanuniversitaet Leoben are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ support in order to spend a certain period of time at a foreign institution in an Erasmus+ program country.

Erasmus+ TEACHING Mobility (STA)

A teaching mobility is a way to establish and maintain contacts with colleagues in an academic field. In addition, participants gain new teaching experiences in an international context and have the chance to reflect their teaching methods.

Erasmus+ TRAINING Mobility (STT)
During a training mobility employees are given the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and professional experience abroad.
We encourage our fellow colleagues, especially from the administrative sector, to apply for an Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility and collect valuable professional experience abroad.

Types of an Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility:

  • Staff Training Weeks
  • Individual hospitation and job shadowing
  • Workshops, seminars and language courses

IMOTION is an online platform for staff training positions

EURAXESS is digital network platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to get and stay in contact with each other